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Have you ever used servers like JBoss or Tomcat? If so, then you should have noticed that they automatically load and run your components, right after you deploy them. You don't need to set the classpath, edit configuration files, not even execute any command. This is called "hot" deployment, and your components are said to be "hot" pluggable. HotStuff enabled this behaviour in your applications and much more!

With HotStuff you can automatically:
- configure classpath;
- load properties;
- load class definitions;

... all this at runtime and almost transparently!

----- News -----

01/09/2003 - HotStuff homepage lauched.

----- Files -----

Because the project is currently in alpha stage, there isn't any distributable version. But you can browse the CVS repository or follow these instructions to checkout "HotStuff" module (SourceForge registration is mandatory to do this).

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None yet.

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